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Chris Auman

Chicago, IL

Comics, zines, music, and preposterous art.

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Comics, zines, music, and preposterous art.

Chris Auman is a writer and artist living in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied creative writing. He earns a living as a freelance writer when not creating the funny and absurd designs featured in his RoosterCow Threadless store.

Chris also makes zines, comics, art books—records and tapes too. He releases them on RoosterCow Records and Press. He has published the satirical zine Reglar Wiglar since 1993. He also publishes the nostalgic music review zine Used Records & Tapes and other titles including the Sssnakes mini-comic and the lit- perzine Gray Flag. He has fronted several obscure band—we’ll call them “underground”—with names like Team Satan, Reagan National Crash Diet, Soft Targets, Empire Smalls.